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  • Hi Admin,

    Any chance of forwarding my cv to green hornet concerning the three days work next week.

    Thanks,Ive attached it to an email I sent you

    All the best

    City & Guilds 2330 - Unit 203 - Practice/Mock Paper (134.0 KB)

    Hello Admin ,

    Sorry for the delayed > please NOTE , can you please update this i just found out that the one I've posted was for 205 exam and not for 203 , my apology .. anyway here are the answers ..

    1.b 2. c , 3. d , 4. a , 5. d , 6. b , 7. a , 8. d , 9. b , 10. b , 11. b , 12. c , 13. a , 14. c ,

    15. c , 16. d, 17. d , 18. c , 19. d , 20. b , 21. d, 22. d, 23. c, 24. c, 25. c, 26. a, 27. b

    28. c, 29. b

    I will try to post the 203 exam later ..



    Hi Admin!

    Thank You Very Much For My Birthday Wishing I Do Appreciate That A Lot,Bye For Now....

    hello admin ,

    some member were asking about the answer of those practice paper i posted a while ago, where do you want mo to post it .



    Admin good evening,

    could you please give me my password on my account please. I've got trouble this week opening the site in college , i forgot my password.. in my laptop password was saved but i cant remember it ...and BTW any practice paper for 2330-203 and 205 exam please.. thank you

    Hi Admim - I've been missing The Godfather on the forum - and can't find him as a member. Is everything OK?

    Love what you are doing - this forum is brilliant. Thanks,

    Hi Admin, I have been thinking about your reply and ADS's reply to my post (guide to the 2392) and ADS is right in so far as, the system should be tested for live supply polarity before the system is energised. The system does not become energised until the PSCC test, prior to this you do the Ze and the PEFC test non energised, your readings are from the incoming side of the isolator, the EFLI test meter we use is the Robin and during these tests the Robin test meter confirms live supply polarity, with 2 x green lights for correct supply polarity and a single red light for incorrect polarity, which also prevents you from taking any reading. so the supply polarity is confirmed before energising the system. I hope this explains things a little better, please get back to me, with your thoughts, cheers (MEERKAT)

    Hi Admin, thanks for tidying up my post "guide to the 2392", how come I couldn't make it look that good, well done, looks really professional, cheers (Meerkat)

    Hi Admin, I have sent the posters to the e-mail address you sent me, please can you let me know when you receive these, and if they are of any use, cheers (Meerkat)

    Hi Admin, still having problems the file size seems to be a problem, can I send them to you as an e-mail attachment, I have tried to send them to, the web site address as an e-mail, but it doesnt like this either, could you give me an e-mail address to send them to? cheers (Meerkat)

    Hi Admin, I am trying to send U some posters I knocked up, but am having problems, when sending via paperclip as an attachment, it says invalid file, this is a normal word document (19.0KB), am I doing something wrong, cheers (Meerkat)

    Evening Admin

    Just wondered if I qualified for me little gold cup since donating???.

    Im not in to giving to receive and all that.

    Not to worried really but..............

    Not bothered at all.

    Couldnt give a monkeys.

    PLEASE GIVE ME A GOLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyway congrats on the forum.


    Hi Admin, been here for a while now, am studying at Stockton Riverside College, am in my 2nd year (2330), also doing the 2392 on a night, have submitted 4/5 posts and taken part in answering other posts, just wondered if I qualify for a password to the tricks of the trade posts yet, cheers Meerkat

    if I find a video aon micc termination can it be uploaded or could it be copyright infringment also would like to send email ,see pm email to you

    hey admin was wondering if you had any mock papers for my level 2 unit 3 exam?? pllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasee

    Why as my post been removed? I'm only trying to help a local company succeed online. I really don't see the problem, it could have helped someone greatly.

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