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    Dish obstruction by trees?

    good... dunno about the fringe meter but theyve always been a brand leader in the tv/sat accessories game haven't they. i got an SLX satellite meter from screwfix
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    Long Distance Fault Finding.... Any Ideas Please?

    yes you're right andy... what a difference a 'k' makes....sorry i meant 890Kohms... that was tested 'cold' as i said this fault took 10 mins to 'warm up'... i should've tested it again after it'd warmed up for interests sake....but i didn't. :|
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    Long Distance Fault Finding.... Any Ideas Please?

    took my van 130 miles to this job this week.... IR test on spotlight section of lighting cct = 890 ohms... (thats pretty close to 1Meg if you were on a PIR isn't it?) further split down cct between spots... found length of 1 mm t&e had been resting on top of spots and burnt to a crisp...
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    wet underfloor heating with LED up lights...

    lol... wasted that post didn't i? ROTFWL :Blushing
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    wet underfloor heating with LED up lights...

    matt, i did my own wet underfloor heating... most ufh pipes are installed in a spiral pattern... its gonna be very difficult/impossible for you to keep your cable from crossing the pipes many times. the cable/conduit is gonna get trashed if you put it on top of the pipes, when the floors are...
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    code for undersized main earth?

    Don't quite see what your problem is Ian. i've no problem spin. read the thread, i've stated my point.the OP and the contributors will have read it and formed their own opinions. you hijacked it with a scenario to try and force me into making an incorrect statement. admittedly i played along...
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    17th Edition Calculator

    hmmm.... i don't think city and guilds teach kirchoffs law do they? :red card that was what it was called in my day anyway... i'm not even sure they teach v= ir either? google it. never mind... you know about the total insulation resistance question. and here's another bonus for you...
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    17th Edition Calculator

    no need to panic here scubalec.... you don't need a pc to take this exam... if you see 5 calculations in these 60 questions you'll be the most unlucky lad in the world. i got 2. and you can take all your books in too... you got 2 no stress. kirchoffs law is the only one you'll...
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    Do you have to do loop tests on all circuits

    i was measuring Zs from a rose on a 10ft ceiling last year.... sash window was open in the room.... while i was on the ladder, just about to put the second probe on.... sash window slams down bad day explode and frightened the life out of me... i shorted out the probes and trashed them. to...
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    where to go now?

    to be registered with a scam as a domestic installer you need c&g 2381 or 2382 ...
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    code for undersized main earth?

    you're not giving up are you spin? :| i've carried this thread on because there are wrong statements in it, and i was hoping people would see that and think a little more about the subject, not to be 'smug', 'smartassed', 'belittle people' or 'pointscore'. i've read 4 recent threads...
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    code for undersized main earth?

    let me know what you find binky... i don't know a reg that says 6mm minimum size, but i'm happy to be shown.(i have already mentioned osg 4.3) this thread has continued because i keep asking how you can use the adiabatic equation to prove that: a) an earthing conductor complies with the...
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    i'd be lucky to get that grade :coat
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    And finally

    well done ! i had similar, passed theory in july... practical in september... certificate in january....