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  • Hi RM

    Not really followed it up, I just saw it on their web site and thought it might be interesting, it is just a software upgrade but they were supposed to send out the infrared lead to enable it to be done. I will see if i can get a answer from them and i will let you know what they say.

    hi MM

    have you had any joy in getting the 1653b firmware upgrade from fluke ?

    I've filled in the form online still nothing.... Rang up and the bloke seems to think its only a sofware update !!!

    They don't seem to know whats going on,

    Have you had any problems

    Hello mate,

    I am in need of a multi function tester and was told Megger are a good choice (a few people who replied to my post told me this).

    I wonder if you can help me out.

    Please send me a message back.


    Hi Mate,

    yes i can help you out, please give me a call on 01603 406148.

    I will be in the office on Thursdasy if that's ok with you

    hi Megger Mark,

    Admin informs me you're the man to talk to regarding calibrating my Megger mft1553.....

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