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Wearing rubber, getting wet and breathing weird gas mixes...and now converting clay ashtrays into dust with a 12g.
Mar 17, 1956 (Age: 65)
Home for the terminally bewildered, one step ahead


There is quick, there is cheap and there is good!...unfortunately YOU only get to choose two of them!

I'm an Electrician not a magician!

But what do i know , they want me to be an insurance salesman working for free with NO commission instead of being a Spark!

And now FFS! They want ME to pay THEM so I can beta test an erroneous and in my opinion "not fit for purpose" online version of the regs!!, well...I SAY ONLINE JOKINGLY

Officially voted by members of this Forum as " funnier than Steps but NOT as funny as Deke ".....just saying

I hate to plan things too far in advance or in too much detail. It only leads to the Judge using words like 'pre-meditated' .