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  • Hi Badge,

    How are you doing Bro. i hope all is doin fine there, thanks for asking .. I'm doin ok little bit busy with my college stuff and work , i dont have much time to browse the site , and for the past few months i was bit busy for some fund raising event that i have organized , its for the school fund raising , we've done it and we manage to raised

    Hi L plate, im good thanks and your self? i take it youve seen my recent posts of the christmas decs :) :D

    hi there jhun/lplate, im really good thanks, just registering for an abseil in grimsby and cant wait to go up the dock tower 275ft high :eek: what about yourself, i have been really busy to be honest. havent stopped, mind you went to a bbq last night from 8 till 23.300, really nice to see them again,. mind you i was there most of the day, sorting all the sky system and tv aerial out for her mom and dad ;)

    like i say, if your sky system fails due to fault, and you dont have a new aerial that is digital compatible then you wont get the digital tv at all, as analogue is being turned off, basically yes thats what i mean :)

    i dont the area where you live, but do know that certain parts of the country are being switched over at certain times in the years and by 2013 it will all have switched .

    hi jhun

    digital aerial are the terresteral side of the tv programmes, and its worth aving the aerial system to every tv in the house, upgraded, use a satalite cable not unscreened aerial cable as problem with interference will occur.

    if your sky system fails due to faulty equipment or bad weather, the tv can still be watched, where abouts do you live?

    what area i mean, midlands, etc


    its good, been and got the skirting board sanded and primed, and the first coat of white emulsion on the ceiling, bedrooms starting to take shape now,

    hi jhun

    yeah been and seen a mate of mine, got back and fed my face, done a few odds and ends and going to pop down the pub in a bit me thinks :)

    the warm weather has made me go tired as well :eek:

    regards badge. :)

    no im gonna be sanding the skirting boards, and also sanding the doors ready for primer, and glossing, also gotta get the white emulsion done on the area where the alarm pir sits, as thats hanging at the moment, im hoping though they are wrong about the weather though :)

    hi there jhun, hope your soaking up this superb weather we have got, it looks like it will be raining again tomorrow :(

    all the best


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