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  • mate you would not believe the grief ive had trying to enrol for the 2382.first they wanted to see my 16th ed certs,which of course i aint done,then they wanted me to do the 10 week course and i went then they say we will call you back.....week later i call them and the same thing happens,how can i go to the college for 4 years and they have no record of what ive in the end fatman phones and has no recollection of who i am and asks for my 16th ed certs....when i give him an earful he signs me off and will send out the form for a course that starts in a week or so............plums the lot of them..

    yea see that makes sense mate dunno what meerkats on about,cpc is nowt do do with the strappers!!

    check your emails. my rant was getting edited by admin so i decided to end thread and send you what i had written.

    Hi Madeinengland, I have made a correction to the post guide to 2392 namely to add Live polarity before energising the system, this should be done with a suitable voltage tester between L/E 230v, L/N 230v, N/E 0v, please take another look at the post to confirm, cheers (Meerkat)

    Hi Madeinengland,

    I think it should be 10A then 30% of anything above 10A so if fuse is a 40A then this would be 30% of 30, plus 5A for a socket if fitted, eg 10+9+5 Total = 24Amps

    hope this helps (Meerkat) ;)

    ha ha ha. cool name change. what do you want.......a biscuit. i thought we had to fill in a schedule of tests, schedule of inspections and an electrical instalation certificate within the 2 hours aswell. an install cert i don't really have much idea of.

    monkfish to you fur bag,now you and you professor yaffel get upstairs and find me a murder weapon!

    what test sheets,,,,,,,,,,,, i aint even had a chance to do nish.... Gareth will let us know on Monday what the coo is.u still painting?

    mate i keep cracking up when i see that.....did yuo see my thread on tutors?we could write a book,two grand on the ip and the other spanners we had!

    crazy fool............see you almost run poor old bagpuss over last nite with his carrier bag!!

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