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  • Hi Tim,

    I'm on the Cambridgeshire border but work in Kent!!!

    No openings her at the moment as everywhere waiting to see how the C&G 2357 works out

    Should offer more work for assessors!!




    not sure if this is in time, but,

    q1 b- unidirectional

    q2 a-11.4A (based on 230v and work out true power)

    q3 c-enclosed and warning signs

    q4 c- 20v (2x voltage minus 0.7v)

    hope this helps



    Hi Mark

    Good to see a Local on the site

    Which end of the county are you at then?

    I have done a bit of Assessing for NVQ Level 3 in the area any openings where You are?



    hi, i hear you are a tutor would you mind clearing these up for me please? i got my exam tomorrow and getting conflicting answers!

    In a 2 pole generator the brushes on the Commutator pick up the voltage generated which is

    A a.c

    B Unidirectional

    C Intermittent a.c.

    D Steady d.c

    A single-phase circuit dissipates 2.5kw of power and operates at a power factor of 0.95. The current flowing in the circuit will be:

    a/. 11.4 A

    b/. 10.32 A

    c/. 10.8 A

    d/. 10.4 A

    Where high voltage is being used in a factory, it should be:

    a. Outside the working area

    b. Incased in a concrete building

    c. Suitably enclosed with warning signs

    d. Outside the building

    When a single conductor diode is connected across an a.c. supply having a peak value of 10v does anyone know what the (P I voltage ) across the diode is?

    A 7.071v

    B 14.14v

    C 20v

    D 4v

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