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    I am a Product Manager for a hand tool manufacturer. We would like to hear from electricians interested in a Powered Insulated VDE Screwdriver. We need end user feedback on the features which are important. Ideally, we would like to hear from Wiha Speed E owners. We need 40 mins of your time...
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    Vde Insulated Multi-Bit Screwdriver

    Many thanks for all your feedback.  So far it seems that the ratchet is not a strong feature you will pay more for.  Feedback summary :- Ratchet gives unnecessary bulk in handle Electrical screws are very small and need less effort to drive home - so ratchet no benefit Impact driver used when...
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    Vde Insulated Multi-Bit Screwdriver

    I work for a major hand tool company.  We are developing a new VDE insulated multi-bit ratchet screwdriver with inter-changeable bars. This will provides better value, faster work and less space in tool box versus carrying multiple tradition fixed bar VDE screwdrivers.  The tips will also have...