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  1. kerching

    Cat5 socket installation issues

    Maybe there is space in your bin to put the tester and buy a better one 😂😂
  2. kerching

    Sooooooooo Covid

    My interest in horses is only equalled by my love of football 😂
  3. kerching

    Sooooooooo Covid

    I AM a gift NOT a condition! Deal with it! She is s very rarely ill. Usually up at about 6, sort horse out, work all day, back to horse for 2 hours ( or until she thinks tea is ready) always in fresh air. BUT she works in a primary school and theybare dropping like flies contrary to the...
  4. kerching

    Finding a meter

    Well,unless it's a smart meter I would be interested to see how they do it! Unless they can disconnect a meter without accessing it, ZEN and the art of metering? TANTRIC Metering?😂
  5. kerching

    Sooooooooo Covid

    Wife and I have both had jabs and booster jabs. She has been moaning about feeling 💩, headaches etc for 2 weeks. LFT every day for both of us...always clear. Saturday tested positive, coughing like she smokes 40'a day, looks worse than usual. Registered the result on line, list of contacts etc...
  6. kerching

    Cat5 socket installation issues

    Getting Orange and brown mixed up,is quite common as some of the 💩 cable has very poor colouring If your running Ethernet then only the orange and green pair are used, different issue if POE
  7. kerching

    Electrical live wire tracer (wall scanner)

    They work visually and audibly!.....sometimes even olefactory ( that's today's big word O.L.E.F.A.C.T.O.R.Y. Olefactory)
  8. kerching

    Is this reasonable?

    I think you will find one of them is a Wig 😂 Like a few others on here I got most of my qualifications from an all night shoe repair shop , and one from the Bar Just saying
  9. kerching

    Is this reasonable?

    Also depends where about you are located My London rate is a minimum of £100 an hour plus any levy charges, plus mileage, plus guaranteed parking and/or all parking tickets paid for and many other 'riders' You don't even want to think what my rate is if it's for ( carrying out work at a )...
  10. kerching

    Is this reasonable?

    Yes, I did notice that my member is being supported, however ( you know what's coming next ) can my electrician ensure complete satisfaction?
  11. kerching


    It is 12 months today that we lost a stalwart of the forum, Deke. This is a man I knew almost everything about, yet never met him BUT conversed daily. He is missed on a daily basis by those who 'knew'him. A knowledgeable man ( not a self proclaimed god of the electrical world and friend of...
  12. kerching

    voltage Conversion from 120v to 220v

    As above^^^^^^^^^^^ I would hazard a guess that it will work only once AND it will be very loud and hot 💥
  13. kerching

    Is this reasonable?

    Well I wouldn't have done it for that price My clock,starts when I leave base and stops when I return plus mileage. Like a few others on here I am like Stella Artois....reassuringly expensive😂
  14. kerching

    New to the Chat

    In summary NONE of us knows as much as ALL of us
  15. kerching

    New to the Chat

    Welcome! There is a lot of knowledge on here. However you will find the occasional self proclaimed "expert" talking bollocks but they soon get found out or disappear😂 We do not have them "disappeared", although that can be arranged😉 There are some good heated discussions and threads rapidly...
  16. kerching

    Rcd tripping

    As above and It could be a contactor pulling in and lines connecting at different time to Neutral . Seen that a few times Remember single phase will kill you 3 phase will really really really kill you Both will hurt whilst it is happening No amount of screaming will make it stop of its own accord
  17. kerching

    AMD 2 - time to flex your credit cards?

    It's scheduled to be exactly the same time as Anusol and KY jelly ( other lubricants are available) prices are set to peak
  18. kerching

    What's your go-to downlight?

    what @SPECIAL LOCATION and @Murdoch said Integrated lamps are not economical Not cost effective Don't save more A pile,of festering, smelly , slightly yellow tinged, splodge of rancid dog faeces. Anyone who is responsible for designing these pile of utter "gusset stains" should be dry reamed...
  19. kerching

    Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

    Sorry, not got a clue! But there is a bloke on here that knows everything, so you'll just have to see if he logs on
  20. kerching

    EICR codes - Help

    Probably some nice ACM in there as well