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  1. Murdoch

    Advice on Shower and lighting circuit in outhouse.

    I have set our frost stat to 9 degrees 😉
  2. Murdoch

    Well it’s that time of the year again! It’s been a mixed year so , in-line with tradition, here are a few things that have mildly irritated me

    Horne owners or tenants who don’t understand that homes need ventilation All politicians at every level The once great BBC Too much “news” Predictive Text Hugely dramatic misleading weather forecasts Regulators with absolutely no teeth
  3. Murdoch

    Trying to fix non working lights

    Legislation dictates that a satisfactory EICR has to be in place and you tenant is given a copy …
  4. Murdoch

    Trying to fix non working lights

    OP - what is the date on the EICR?
  5. Murdoch

    Maximum Light Fixture Wattage

    That must produce a LOT of light
  6. Murdoch

    RCD not switching off

    I would suggest you get it checked by somebody competent before the problem gets worse "out of hours"
  7. Murdoch


  8. Murdoch

    House purchase - old electrics

    Thats true to an extent and locating an honest spark can be tricky. Best avoid ones recommended by estate or lettings agents.
  9. Murdoch

    House purchase - old electrics

    Can't guess for Staffordshire - but the fact the house is empty sis definitely helpful
  10. Murdoch

    House purchase - old electrics

    I would strongly advise they have an EICR prior to purchase. Sure it'll cost BUT then they will knwo what they are up against. I've got customer who spent £1, 150, 000 on a home and its riddled with all sorts of faults - least of all loads of electrical ones. They didn't have an EICR...
  11. Murdoch

    downlight recommendation

    This is a good example as to why I always drill my own down light holes 😂
  12. Murdoch

    downlight recommendation

    How come there is so little depth?
  13. Murdoch

    downlight recommendation

    Tilt KSR - I think they use a 85 mm hole but probably a bit too deep. Is that 60mm including the plaster board?
  14. Murdoch

    How Do You put Your Materials Through Company

    Internet ordering = less wasted time during the week, especially if you give a few days warning of what you need, so being short of items very rarely happens More effective time working = more income = happy wife 😉
  15. Murdoch

    Emergency lighting changes

    Fun - no Continual change = keeping people employed doing not much making the minions pay fees 😉
  16. Murdoch

    Emergency lighting changes

    Thankfully I’m retiring
  17. Murdoch

    Putting up business signs on fences, lamposts, trees etc........

    The only thing to add is any flier our business card or website without a business or home address is binned or ignored
  18. Murdoch

    Off-peak circuit not working - what next?

    Think you need a 2nd opinion If the meters are feeding the wrong switch fuses then swapping the outputs around will fix the problem if I understand your issue correctly
  19. Murdoch

    How Do You put Your Materials Through Company

    I asked my accountant about this but strongly advised against it as in his words HMRC could decide it’s just a ruse to avoid tax and slap you with big bills, back dated too