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  1. binky

    Cooker suitability

    You have a 13amp fused spur. Max for that is roughly 3kw, and you can get dual fuel cookers that will work with that
  2. binky

    Cooker suitability

    that looks like a gas hob and possibly electric oven, low wattage, set up, or all gas and th socket is uust for the gas ignition and clock
  3. binky

    Growatt inverter and batteries

    try the growatt FB page, I don't think anyone on here has that setup.
  4. binky

    Off-peak Circuits & Metering

    Off peak sockets sound like repurposed night storage heater points, easy enough to reconfigure.
  5. binky

    Growatt inverter and batteries

    Most manufacturers publish a compatibility list, if you can't finf that, a quick phonecall or email to the technical help desk would a wise move. It's not so much the cables as whether or not the inverter will talk to the BMS in the battery, ie the software is compatible.
  6. binky

    Solar Newbie

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. binky

    Advice on Shower and lighting circuit in outhouse.

    I would up the cable to 10mm, so you can fit a 50amp MCB, for the supply. A 9 kw shower will work fine on 40A, but it leaves no head room for anything else, like adding heating if you change your mind on doing that.
  8. binky

    Growatt inverter and batteries

    you need to check compatibility between the inverter and the batteries, the software doesn;t always work beten different makes of inverter and battery. Personally, I would buy the batteries and inverter as a package, that way you get all the correct cables etc for the battery management system.
  9. binky

    Maximum Light Fixture Wattage

    My neighbours don't believe in climate change or using led lamps. They have bought a job lot of 150w tungsten filament lamps. All their lamp holders are 8o watt, they last the abuse several years before actually burning out from the excess heat.
  10. binky

    Well it’s that time of the year again! It’s been a mixed year so , in-line with tradition, here are a few things that have mildly irritated me

    Good luck with the treatment. Dad survived to 89 with his prostrate cancer, and it wasn't that that killed him in the end. So hopefully we can look forward to lots more of your musings on the world. 🤞
  11. binky

    Off grid inverter issue

    The inverter and your other circuits are all connected to one side of the RCD. So, for example, you are mowing the lawn and run over the cable, the RCD trips as it should, but the inverter shut down time can be as long as 5 seconds, so with the RCD tripped the inverter can continue to supply...
  12. binky

    RCD not switching off

    Gets my vote, loose connection or MCB not on busbar properly.
  13. binky

    Hi, never knew I'd end up here

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. binky

    Trying to fix non working lights

    Bog standard wiring for lights. Sounds like link from bathroom to rest of lights has been lost, damaged, not connected. If you have attic access above the bathroom, it won't be hard to fix. If your bathroom is under the flat roof, then chances are you can't access the wiring, but you should be...
  15. binky

    House purchase - old electrics

    @Badger your area?
  16. binky

    House purchase - old electrics

    various ages of cable, but what I can see is white PVC which is not as old as the house, and I suspect is still in good condition. What other cable I can see is light grey, so not that old either. Original looking dark grey cable (painted white) seems to orginate from the old brown board, which...
  17. binky

    Weird cables - Swapping Mains Fire Smoke Alarm

    Detectors in attics suffer from spiders...