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  1. Admin 7

    Going Back To work

    I wish you well. Those area such good practical classes. Maybe you could offer them to college / university students also.
  2. Admin 7

    TEF Membership Epiring

    You can check your receipt email and see for yourself.
  3. Admin 7

    TEF Membership Epiring

    Not exactly, in this case the "Gift" is a supporting membership to you from another member. It takes money from their account to the forum account to benefit the forum and you.
  4. Admin 7

    TEF Membership Epiring

    Okay, I have found out what happened. The monthly is a gift another member gave you and it is running out, so you received the message. The upgrade here did not work as you are already an annual supporting member (renews July 8, 2024). So you cannot upgrade as a monthly since you are already a...
  5. Admin 7

    TEF Membership Epiring

    Admin is not here but Admin 7 (me) can help you. I'll check out your member account and see what I can find out. I think I know what may be happening, but I do have to check out things. Thank you for posting so I can see this.
  6. Admin 7

    Storage problem

    If you hang it there, the wrinkles would be ironed out.
  7. Admin 7

    Scammers active again

    I would definitely hire someone to my legal department that is such a wordsmith that they come up with prose like "entirety very serious" .... Alistair Brown, I see High Court potential from you.
  8. Admin 7

    Scammers active again

    Got this ...
  9. Admin 7


    I have wondered why anyone would go down in that small sub. I do think they may have had to sign some very legal release of liability papers to be able to go on down in that device.
  10. Admin 7

    Should I stay or should I go? 😶

    I think you are doing a great job, and I appreciate you. I hope you get a lot of endorsement posts on this thread.
  11. Admin 7

    RIP Sidewinder

    This is really sad news. I knew he was very ill, but this is still very sad. Condolences to his family and friends.
  12. Admin 7

    Happy Easter Folks

    I hope each had a good Easter.
  13. Admin 7

    Hello Everyone, I’m David, I reside in the West Midlands

    Greetings. Tell us a bit about yourself.
  14. Admin 7

    Prepayment meters...

    That sounds very practical.
  15. Admin 7

    Finger Plates anyone??

    @kerching Is that term on of those that brings up some interesting sites and content.
  16. Admin 7

    Ford Transit Custom on order for a year!

    I hope it works out for you. That is a ridiculous amount of time to wait. Please let us know the outcome of this story full of suspense. Will the Transit ever arrive.
  17. Admin 7

    Happy New Year and what goals have you set?

    I hope each of you have had a good New Year's Eve and Day. Maybe some good feasting. And now I wonder if you have any goals? What are they if you want to share?
  18. Admin 7


    I'm glad most of you had a good Christmas. Sorry for the Covid @Geoff1946 , I hope its a very mild case.
  19. Admin 7


    I thought this lit up Christmas Ornament would be nice for electrical inclined membership to appreciate. This is next to train tracks that go thru a little town near me. So, I'm wishing all of you a Merry (warm) Christmas. And I invite you to share any Christmas or seasonal Holiday...
  20. Admin 7

    Christmas 2022 has nearly arrived and in full. Swing badgers started EARLY 🤓

    Those are really neat. I'd drive by your home if I were in your area.