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    RFI From Inverter

    I would check the emc compliance from the manufacturer ,it's also part of BS7671 to check compliance of all installed devices
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    Heat source pump dryer tripping the rcd.

    You need an earth leakage clamp meter and/or ramp test (RCD) Residual Current Device meter,anything else is just a guess and rarely works
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    Strange anti damp device

    I did wonder how 5 volts at 12ma could do anything at all ,what a waste of titanium if that's real
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    Strange anti damp device

    its not part of my inspection that finished at the socket, I’m just curious .
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    Strange anti damp device

    It appears to generate 5 volts AC but that may not be accurate and draws 12mA on the output ,one side is connected to earth .
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    Strange anti damp device

    The titanium wire snakes around the timber in the basement,it's beyond me how this can stop damp, I will put a meter on the output and see what I get.
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    Strange anti damp device

    During an eicr I have encountered a device consisting of a titanium wire and some type of transformer. I wonder if anyone knows anything about these ?
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    Nest Protect Wired Installation

    Always supply a cpc to each fitting even if it’s unused at this time
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    Contractors to switch a mix of circuits

    GN3 advises against using mcb for functional switching , no problems from using contactors apart from isolation if fed from different circuits. also inrush current of all circuits powered at same time may need consideration
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    R1 R2 on a 3phase circuit - what's the point in testing to each line conductor?

    If you do an R1+R2 test to each phase and earth you can add it to ZE and get your ZS which you need to test anyway , this also means you don’t have to do a live ZS
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    Socket blowing fuse

    only because there is a load ,if there is no current flowing the cpc will not be able to divert current to create the imbalance . it used to happen on the old dual (RCD) Residual Current Device boards when someone connects to the wrong neutral bar , or a shared neutral is connected across the 2 rcds
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    Socket blowing fuse

    If its a neutral it will not trip the rcd or RCBO until some current is drawn (though it could be as little as 30 ma if the rcd trips at 15), also it sounds like a spark occurred at the 3.5mm stud suggesting a short circuit. this assumes its been wired correct and not live (line)to the cpc...
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    Socket blowing fuse

    This sounds like as above a cable probably a live has been nicked and made the back box live , when the screw (which is earthed via the front plate) touches the now live back box the protective device will operate. this also means that the power was not off and he lucky not to get an electric...
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    Off-peak circuit not working - what next?

    Why do you think that’s not a good way to test?
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    Do GN3 and OSG contain errors?

    I brought up an error in the OSG in the IET forums about a B6 maximum ZS value 60898
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    Going Back To work

    That made me laugh , brilliant
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    Off-peak circuit not working - what next?

    Bear in mind it looks like twin and earth coming from the switch fuse , so i would think the left side of the cable should go live ,I have never known the switch to go wrong with those, thermal cycling can eventually kill as fuse ,just strange timing
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    Off-peak circuit not working - what next?

    A no contact tester will also allow you to test if the cable after the fuse is live at the correct time , it’s usually a good idea to switch off before pulling the fuse.
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    Off-peak circuit not working - what next?

    I’m guessing the correct lives are in the new meter? Maybe worth getting a cheap no contact tester and hold it near the relavent isolator after midnight or when the switch supposed to close, is the meter set to 2 rate. the other switch fuses need covers to cover those single insulated cables.
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    Off-peak circuit not working - what next?

    I know suppliers at least round here have had trouble getting 5 terminal smart meters , im hoping they have not put a 4 terminal in, as above a picture would be handy.