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    Electric towel radiator and circuit breakers

    Do you not have any RCD's in your consumer unit already? RCD's have been required for many years in domestic installations, to protect all sockets, (and over time, other circuits as well). With current installations there a very few circuits or installation methods that do not require RCD...
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    Level 2 in electrical installation diapolma

    Hello matt34, welcome to the forum. I have no idea of what experience or knowledge you have already attained, or what you consider basic stuff? But the forum is littered with posts from too many members who have spent too much of their personal hard-earned savings, trying to skip a few rungs on...
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    Battery charging but lights not working - help!

    Welcome to the forum. By leisure battery do you mean as in caravan / motor home leisure battery? Unclear how you know the battery is full if you have no idea about voltages? But if it is a typical camping leisure battery, and it 6 years old, I would be looking at battery problems as a first...
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    DC cable

    I would just point out that a key feature of a good forum is that it is open for debate and input from anyone who is a member of that forum. And they should be able to contribute without making or receiving abusive or rude posts. If you prefer to only have a limited number of selected other...
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    Reporting Unsafe or non-compliant electrical installation!

    Unless there is someone to police the problem and there is a greater awareness of BS7671 & building regs among the general public, then very little is likely to change. Especially with the increased cost of living problems, where many wanting work done, will just be looking for the cheapest...
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    Another newbie

    Welcome to the forum, can we assume you are of a more mature age, by your mention of HAM radio & valve amplifies? Possibly from the era when 'on-line' hadn't been invented. And 'mail-order' involved a written sheet with an enclosed cheque or postal-order, and you were advised to wait up to...
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    Call outs

    Thankyou @Jc1996for raising these questions. I suspect they are common problems that many less experienced, or new to the trade, can often struggle with. And are very understandable concerns, when we all know that we are working with an invisible product that can kill people very quickly. I am...
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    Voltage drop question

    Welcome to the forum, I have merged your two posts together that relate to the same question. Posting duplicates just clutters the forum and makes is difficult for others to follow the various topics. re your question, your Vd calculation using the mv/a/m & length values are only useful if...
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    #Share: 7 full wave rectifier circuit using two diode or SCR

    Threads merged.  I will repeat Roys earlier post:  Any further type of posts will probably be deleted as Spam, unless you ask a specific question. Doc H.
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    Flexible steel conduit as mechanical protection

    I have merged your two threads together as they are both relating to the same topic.  Doc H.
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    NVQ assistance

    I have just merged the post you have recently added, if you re-read it you will notice it is a duplicate of the post you made on Saturday. Please cease creating multiple identical posts, as all they do is clutter the forum. If every member posted several copies of each post they added, the forum...
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    Retired electrician

    Your profile says you are in Merseyside, in which case as well as a BS7671 electrical certificate the work will need a Part-P building regulations compliance certificate.  You can download a free copy of the Part P building regs...
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    Hello Kel, welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your problems. I have heard of people having various issues with Economy 7 following a change of provider.  Do you have any control and choice over who your provider is?  Or are you tied down to what the housing association provide? If you have...
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    Shower switch

    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately there is too little information in your question for anyone to give an accurate answer.  The cable sizes used for any circuit will be dependant upon the total load that the cable has to carry, The installation methods used, The type of protective device used...
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    EICR c1 and c2

    An EICR is an inspection and test of an electrical installation to see if it is satisfactory for continued use. Codes are given for any areas of non-compliance with current wiring regulations (BS7671). C1 code is defined as "Danger present risk of injury. immediate remedial action required" C2...
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    Electricity in my gas pipe?

    Without using an approved test meter, that can show an actual measured voltage, with two test probes, one connected to a know 0v Earth point and the other on the suspect live item, any testing is not much more than random guesswork that may or may not prove anything.  If you don't have access to...
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    How to replace a 2 Gang 3 Way Switch

    Good point but  the cable colours and switches do look very much like UK items. Doc H.
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    EICR Testing can it damage white appliances if not unplugged like built-in Fridge Freeze

    In my opinion any person who is competent at undertaking periodic inspection & testing, as per the recommendations of BS7671 and guidance note 3, will be well aware of checking for any equipment that is vulnerable to testing.  And will know how to do checks with appropriate meter(s) on...
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    Veritas alarm

    Welcome to the forum I have deleted your duplicate question that was added to another thread topic.  Is this a system that you have inherited at a property you have moved into? Or something that has been installed whilst you have been living there?  Do you have access the the user manuals? Have...
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    Giving Notice (Building Control) for Assessment?

    I may be wrong, and am open to correction, but legally I think it is the homeowner who is responsible for ensuring compliance with building regulations. (including part-P).   i.e. It is the homeowner who will be fined and prosecuted for non-compliance, not the contractor.  Similar to if they...