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  1. mort2376

    Need some help please with video format, codecs AVI/MPEG etc

    H264 is pretty much the standard for camera nvrs at the cheaper end. I know the police have lots of issues with not being able to view footage from some of these. Unless you could flash the cameras software your probably stuck with it.
  2. mort2376


    Just chatting to someone who doesn't know you and won't judge you can be a lifesaver. Sometimes just someone who will listen to you too. I'm happy to chat or listen if anyone needs it, as I'm sure many of our members on here are. It's OK not to be OK. Said often but men especially struggle to...
  3. mort2376

    Security bolt / screw

    Multifunction Tool ?????
  4. mort2376

    Electric Shock - Never should happen, or occupational hazard?

    At least no one has said "Thats never happened to me" ! We all know that we should never work live, but we still occasionally do it, out of wanting to get the job done, sheer laziness, or plain old CBA ! My question is when its live and you know its live and you get a belt why does it never...
  5. mort2376

    Electric test fail.

    Unfortunately all the schemes appear to be just in this buisness to make money out of us. I'm a Napit member and it works for me. But would I use their coding book as definitive guide. No. Both publications are guides. If you have the relevant experience then you understand what to code what...
  6. mort2376

    Electric test fail. This is a better guide as its been worked on by several partners.
  7. mort2376

    18th Edition Amd3 DPC For Info

    If the rcbos are tripping in time then it's a C3 only thing it can be.
  8. mort2376

    18th Edition Amd3 DPC For Info

    Well they have to show that they are worth all the money we pay them 🤣
  9. mort2376

    18th Edition Amd3 DPC For Info

    Summer 2024 Amd 3 Summer 2025 19th ?????????
  10. mort2376

    18th Edition Amd3 DPC For Info

    IET and BSI urges electrical industry to have its say on IET Wiring The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and BSI are calling on the electrical industry to have its say on an amendment to BS 7671:2018+A2:2022, which will go to DPC (Draft for Public Consultation) on 8 May 2024...
  11. mort2376

    Monitoring for maximum demand

    Ive used this in the past. Simple to setup and comes with software for you to get the data off. That's the company I hired from, they do deliver, but you may find a local supplier you can collect from. You don't need an energy monitor you need an energy data logger. So what your customer has...
  12. mort2376

    Quick Question

    Been called out to a school that's had a flood due to having the lead ripped off the roof. Replaced loads of panel leds due to water ingress but when testing there is no earth continuity on the cables feeding each driver and pir. They were fitted in 2019/20 by some company that used wago...
  13. mort2376

    BT Open Reach - rant time

    Yep down to whichever service provider they choose to supply the service. Depending on the area you might get a new analogue line installed but its very doubtful. Will probably end up with a fibre connection and router to provider VOIP. Even if no broadband is being supplied. If they already...
  14. mort2376

    Brain Fog

    Oven 2.4 - 3kw Micro 1.65kw
  15. mort2376

    Brain Fog

    I seem to remember being told at either a tech talk or something similar that there was a maximum rating for a fixed connected appliance that could be plugged in on a 13a socket. I know a 13a socket is 3kw but in my mind I've got 2.2kw as a maximum. I've tried looking in the BBB and OSG buy...
  16. mort2376

    Elex Show Bolton

    Agree CEF live was far better. I'm going to the fire and security show at the NEC this year as well. More freebies and cpd points lol
  17. mort2376

    Elex Show Bolton

    It was busy on Thursday till about 1230 then it thinned out.
  18. mort2376

    Elex Show Bolton

    Better attended than last year, but a few large brands missing. I think many are of the opinion that there are better deals and freebies to be had elsewhere ! So why take a morning off. I use it as my yearly pen restock as I'm forever leaving them places 🤣
  19. mort2376

    NVR networking problem

    I have a similar issue with my NVR. It won't run in chrome but does work happily in Edge or Internet explorer.
  20. mort2376

    Elex Show Bolton

    Anyone going today ?