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  1. Marvo

    Sparking emersion heating switch

    Thanks for letting us know. Didn't realise it was a rental, it's good to err on the side of caution and replacing it it sounds like a sensible resolution. Hopefully it wouldn't have cost much more if the electrician was already on site to do the testing.
  2. Marvo

    What could go wrong...

    I'm guessing the main isolater is inside the hand soap dispenser....
  3. Marvo

    Sparking emersion heating switch

    I'd agree that a certain amount of sparking would be normal and with it being an isolator switch that's probably only used occasionally I wouldn't worry about it. If for some reason you're using the switch on a daily or regular basis I'd probably just spend the few quid and replace it if it was...
  4. Marvo

    VSD Failure

    Did your suppliers have any definative answers on why the drive went tits up?
  5. Marvo

    VSD Failure

    20 years ago power fail regularly damaged VFD's, nowadays nearly all drives are designed to survive a complete unexpected power outage. Usually somewhere in the 600 page, 14 language manual it will state a limit to the frequency of power outages the drive is capable of handing and where I am we...
  6. Marvo

    Heavy grid loading today

    The frequency gauge will indicate grid overload if it falls below 50Hz for any length of time without correction being applied. This will indicate that supply side demand has outstripped generation capacity and I'd expect they have a plan for this where they'll immediately shed some large...
  7. Marvo


    I've never owned one of those fancy MFT's. I've always been fan of kyoritsu test gear which I think is branded as Kewtech in the UK and I've got several testers I still use regularly in the workshop that are well over 20 years old and still accurate and reliable. Teh clamp/volt meter has...
  8. Marvo

    EDF smart app usage

    I would absolutely agree with that sentiment Murdoch.
  9. Marvo

    EDF smart app usage

    It's possible to profile and identify electrical loads by characteristics such as their current over time, their inrush current, the phase angle, noise spikes, duration, frequency of reoccurance, functional earth leakage currents present and power factor to name but a few. Basically by looking...
  10. Marvo

    Earth leakage

    Is there a particular reason you did the live leakage test? You say the leakage is roughly equal from your new installation and the original installation so it's not cause by a single culprit and depending on the circuits and equipment connected I wouldn't consider 150-170mA leakage as...
  11. Marvo

    Earth rod/spike

    I'd be more worried about there could be two separate equipotential zones within touch distance of each other. I'd definately suggest you get an electrician in to assess the situation.
  12. Marvo

    RCBO tripping problem that I cannot get to the bottom of.

    IT equipment with switch mode power supplies can cause common mode noise. Depending on the capacitive value of the EMC filters and any PFC circuitry and the frequency of the noise it can cause RCD/RCBO's to nuisance trip and this tripping tendency can be amplified if it's a ring final circuit...
  13. Marvo

    Steel Wire Armoured Electical Cable - How Can I Tell The Cable Guage/Size/Thickness?

    Looking at the state of the copper conductor it looks like that cable was cut whilst it was live....
  14. Marvo

    VDE Tools

    Getting back to VDE tools just very briefly I couldn't resist buying these. I can throw one in each of my non-VDE socket sets and declare that they're now VDE rated. :)
  15. Marvo

    Earth rods

    With that kind of Ze reading the Ra of the actual rod on its own could be far higher so I wouldn't waste time trying to find it. You could spend hours searching so I'd rather spend the time just installing a new one and getting a better impedance value.
  16. Marvo

    Dealing with manufacturers own people.

    Can't you use a resin joint and a meter of HO5 or HO7RNF cable and just extend it?
  17. Marvo

    Wire enquiry

    I see from a different thread you said you were working for a customer...... Are you an electrician working at a customers premises or is this wiring in your own house?
  18. Marvo

    Wire enquiry

    That's not a meaningful test. You need proper test equipment which is expensive and not easy to use so I'd suggest getting an electrician in and pay him for an hour to do some tests just to confirm the circuits are safe. He'll also be able to advise you much better as to how urgent it is to...
  19. Marvo

    I had the misfortune to take the cover off this CU today ......

    Is there actually a supply earth connected to the earth bar or is it just CPC's from the final circuit cables?
  20. Marvo

    Wire enquiry

    If you're not going to disturb it and if it tests fine then I wouldn't stress immediately but I would start to plan on rewiring the next time you want to make even minor changes to the existing installation. To be honest I wouldn't even move anything around to take more pictures, I'd just refit...