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    Changing from Halogen to LED lights (dimmable)

    Hi Binky, thankls for taking the time to read and respond, appreciated. Yes the switches look like that.
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    Changing from Halogen to LED lights (dimmable)

    Hi Special location (?) - thanks very much for looking and taking the time to reply, much appreciated. There is no reason to go the 12v route except that the current setup was 12v. The lamps are all in a sitting room and kitchen adjoining. Since the whole rig is working with RAKO switches (and...
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    Changing from Halogen to LED lights (dimmable)

    Hope this is not too complicated a question; also I do not intend to do this work myself, I am going to employ a trained electrician. I have a friend who has a number of halogen ceiling lights; they cost a lot to run. He wants to swap them for LED lights. He has a slightly older RAKO dimming...