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    Octopus billing problems

    I have a 3 phase smart meter with Octopus The meter guy actually found that when the hub was squint (sticking out at left) it worked Mine has been working fine since then The meters store data for 12 months and they can remove the meter and download the data On another note If you have a...
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    What's your go-to downlight?

    I use the JCC ones and also do not install the ones with integrated lamps. That way lamps are consumable items and are not guaranteed.
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    Immersion heater problem

    The immerser is probably kaput If it is a top entry you can get a dual immerser with 2 elements (one long for night and one short for boost) This saves you changing the cylinder
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    Mandatory Electrical Checks For Private Lets In Scotland - From December

    God bless the Scottish Government They are about to release MANDATORY guidance that requires ALL landlords to have electrical checks from 1st December 2015. The guidance will be released at the end of February and will be effective in December. There will be a requirement to use a NICEIC or...
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    Dodgy Technicians

    I know what's wrong with the consumer unit- no labels :D Nothing a bit of expanding foam wouldn't fix. Use fire rated foam and kill 2 birds with one stone :coat
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    Volunteering With A Electrician

    My apprentice is at college this week and next week Unfortulately I am in Ayrshire, so the travel time would be an issue :D Best of luck Stewart abc Electrical
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    Work Experience And Apprenticeships In Scotland

    The Scottish Government is committed to training youngsters and are trying to place youngsters (16 and over) with 6 months (free to employer) work based training. I have had one from my local council, who turned out to be polite but useless (and was sent back after 6 weeks) “Key measures...
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    Another telephone scam

    I try and say things they don't expect I had one last year and let him say his opening line (in best Indian / English). I then said " I have not got any clothes on, have you?" He laughed and hung up.
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    Emergency services scam

    These people used to be in the guise of a crowd called Vardis ktcUK I would point out that you dispute the invoice and look forward to the day in court when you exect them to produce the full conversation before a court. Tell them any you now consider the matter closed and any further...
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    Customers Doing Their Own Re-Lamping

    I fitted Halers Evolight to the underside of someones garage last month, all in very good I did get the customer to buy them as it keeps the turnover down.
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    More apprenticeships - only if you live in Scotland

    This thread was prompted by me reading another thread and noticing a Scottish Government Consultation It suggests all companies that win a public contract be required to submit an apprenticeship work plan. This stems from the baldelectrician going to a tv debate in Scotland last year ; ...
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    has VAT registration cost you customers?

    My turnover has been less than half the VAT threshold and makes no sense for me to register for VAT as over 95% of my business is domestic I know of a guy that has set up a ltd company that is vat reg and has a sole trader that isn't so he puts his domestic through the sole trader and the rest...
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    material costs

    Yep they do, but I always ask for a deposit (95% of my work is domestic) and have only lost 3 jobs in 8 years- they were trying it on, booking 2 sparks and cancelling at last minute incase one never turned up I don't ask for a deposit for regualr clients, but ALWAYS for new unknown business
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    Made redundant today

    Hope you find a place to finish your apprenticeship In Scotland the Scottish Government pay a
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    Recent job

    My tuppence worth Some electricians - me included can get carried away with the old school stuff like no switches in bathrooms When we are asked we have to asess with regard to the current version of BS7671 So ; Light switch in a bathroom in a correctly zoned area (compliant with BS7671 )...
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    Looking for apprenticeship in West Lothian/ Edinburgh area.

    All I can say is good luck My apprentice worked with me for a year and a half before I gave him an apprenticeship. He is going in to his second year after the summer
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    Wago connectors pulled on assessment

    Remember- the NICEIC don't write the regs, they only think they do :D As far a BS7671 goes- if the manufacturer says they are MF then that's it- they comply Manufacturers instructuons override BS7671, end of Tell your NIC guy to put that in his pipe and smoke it...
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    Emergency services scam

    See here Vardis - - The place to leave feedback and comments about companies you have used
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    A Possible Scam

    Was it a 0151 number or a Merseyside accent perchance? If so look up 'vardis' who were infamous for this stuff. They now have changed name / company etc but are doing much the same thing