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Aug 3, 2008
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ok rcd's good or bad? a lot of places where i tend to work we find that there are surges in the supply to the properties, however under the new regs just about every circuit in a house has to be rcd protected. these rcd's are an absolute nuissance for tripping when there are supply spikes, what were the iee thinking of there is now a greater chance of people disabling these rcd's themselves. just as a test to prove that it was the supply recently i fitted a contactum consumer unit with one 80A main rcd and a 20A mcb supplying one socket 3 feet away from the consumer unit, i plugged in a table lamp and left it on sure as clockwork at 3:30-3:45 the rcd tripped replaced the rcd same thing happenned (this was the only thing wired up to the supply for the house no other consumer units) even tried it with different appliances plugged into this socket same result. the location of this job was in snowdonia turns out there are a lot of quarrys around there which shut down around 3:30 hence trip



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Feb 13, 2008
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its a supply issue, not a consumer one.

I know it dont help you much, but get the supply authority to give you it in writing the supply they provide and tolerances, then if it goes **** up its down to the consumer and them.