2330 205 exam today

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Apr 30, 2008
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Hi guys. Took last part of the level 2 today, 205. We didnt do much for this unit, straight onto past papers off the smartscreen and few other revision bits. 5 out of 7 passed.

I'll give a hint of the questions. I cant remember them verbatum, and cant remember them all. Not going to list the choices or answers be they right or wrong lol

Which of these is statuory? (the old c & g fav!)

Bs7671 is used to make sure electrical installations are?

Best diagram to show working parts of a motor is?

A fault between a phase conductor and an exposed conductive part is known as?

How many 13A socket outlets can u have on a 32A final ring circuit?

BS EN means to which standard?

Best way for a contractor to keep eye on schedule and cost is by access to? (paperwork that is)

Which drawing is used to make specifications? (may have remembered this 1 wrong)

Lighting and data communications are to what BS? (mate had this 1)

Brain has died at the mo, I'll add others i can remember when it wakes up again!