anybods up on the 5839 regs?

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Mar 7, 2008
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In the office again.
I have been recently providing the electrical works for a local landlord; who has a street of 13 blocks of flats. All two storey, purpose built (1930s) 2 bed flats. Four flats per block (2 up, 2 down).

All privately rented; with no shared facilities.

Landlords current fire detection system (grade F) - ground floor & first floor communal hallway / stairway. (2 no. per block!!)

I`ve picked up on this, and he has asked me to (quote)"come up with something".

The entry doors to the flats are not fire rated OR self-closing. My local council has informed me that they do NOT class the properties as HMO`s.

Their unofficial guidance is this:

D/LD2 in communal area; plus 1 no. heat detector in the room which opens onto the communal area. PLUS

A seperate D/LD3 within the flats themselves.

However, he then went on to say that, in his opinion, there should be a panel near the entry/exit.

So, AFAIK, it`s now a grade C?

And, if you`re going to fit a panel, it`ll have to be 5 zones. So you wouldn`t bother with an individuated LD3 within each flat; they`d all be taken back to the panel.

I don`t think the landlord will go for a grade C; on the cost issue. Am I better off trying to get at least a D in there?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated guys.




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Feb 6, 2008
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Evenin Both. :) SL; I told you that you needed to use more than 1 thumb for typing!!

Thanks for the replies though - Wiz - 5839 comes in 6 parts - looks like you may have a price there for 1 part of it :( :(

That`s why I ain`t buying the flippin thing:^O:^O:^O
Good Grief. :eek:



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Feb 13, 2008
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tell me Im wrong,

but without even going thru all the posts it seems to me if the flats are all co=joined then one addressable system would be your cheapest option,

simply nominate one singular communal ares to all flats,

job done.



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