BS7671 2018 Electrical Certs Pack of 3 (EIC, EICR and MW) IET Fillable Editable PDF certs

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Nov 19, 2012
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Hornchurch, Essex
BS7671 2018 Electrical Certs Pack of 3 (EIC, EICR and MW) IET Fillable Editable PDF certs

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These are fillable PDF certificates/reports. Based on the BBB. Please read the instructions below. If you have any problems (including error's in the forms themselves) please contact me for support.

1. When using them, all fields can be manually filled apart from the signature box and date box. So if an amp rating or BS number is missing you can enter it yourself

2. When using the date drop down, click on the day, month or year for better options to aid filling

3. For the signature box, I personally have scanned my signature in, then use this to fill this box so I can send the certificates electronically

4. On the top of the MW, top of the first page on the EICR's and next to the contractors details on the EIC are boxes for you to enter company logo's and scheme membership logo should you need to.

5. On the certs and reports you'll find buttons for various actions. If you hover over the buttons a prompt will tell you what they are.

6. All of the dropdown boxes, buttons and instructions will disappear when the cert is either printed onto paper or printed electronically

7. To send electronically I use Primo PDF to print the certs

It's free and allows you to set security settings to prevent copying and alteration to your certs when sending (I have set my Primo to only allow printing. Anything else would require a password).

8. Once filled use the 'save as' when saving the cert so you don't save over the original.

9. To use Primo select the print option and in the 'Printer' name drop down, select Primo. It will then ask you where to save it to. It will then print to file with the settings you inputted into Primo. (Don't forget to rename you Primo printed PDF if saving to same file as your originally saved cert or you will overwrite the original with a non-fillable version).