C & G 2381 (2382-10 & 2382-20) C&g 2381

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Feb 6, 2008
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Feb 12, 2008
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City and Guilds: 2381 Sample Questions

1. Which one of the following electrical installations is within the scope of BS 7671?

a) Quarry sites

B) Lightning protection

c) Mines

d) Construction sites

2. BS 7671 does NOT apply to

a) agricultural premises

B) domestic premises

c) suppliers' works

d) construction sites

3. Which one of the following installations would NOT be within the statutory control of an authoritative body?

a) Petrol filling stations

B) Caravan site

c) Theatre

d) Domestic dwelling

4. Which one of the following is an extraneous conductive part

a) The metal casing of a gas cooker

B) The metal casing of an electrical cooker

c) The steel housing of a transformer

d) The metal frame of an electric fire

5. When designing supplies and circuitry for a large IT equipment complex, consideratoin MUST be given to

a) protective conductor currents

B) direct current feedback

c) the leakage current

d) the creation of a non-conducting location

6. Distribution fuseboards in large factories and commercial premises should be positioned

a) close together

B) in inaccessible positions

c) near to the centre of the loads

d) near to the supply intake

7. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of the supply

a) Nominal voltage

B) Frequency

c) Earth loop impedance Ze

d) Emergency switching

8. Direct contact will occur when livestock comes into contact with

a) exposed-conductive-[arts made live by a fault

b) an exposed terminal within a faulty enclosure

c) a protective conductor carrying fault current

d) extraneous-conductive-parts made live by an earth fault

9. Which one of the following methods should be adopted where fixed equipment having a high surface temperature is likely to have an adverse effect on adjacent materials?

a) erection of warning notices advising of high temperature

B) mounting so as to allow safe dissipation of heat

c) The use of non-combustible wiring materials

d) The provision of suitable fire extinguishers

10. Where the overcurrent device is intended to afford protection against overload, I2 must NOT exceed I2 multiplied by

a) 0.725

B) 1.45

c) 1.8

d) 2.5

11. As a means of isolation in a circuit it is NOT permissible to use a

a) Double-pole switch fuse

B) Fireman