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Mar 18, 2008
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Saltash, Cornwall
Just got this response from C & G. It appears that they do not enforse that you have to do the 17th edition course - but it is up to local colleges whetherthey will allow you to take the exam without. Hope that this may clarfy things if you want an argument with your local college!!!!!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

You must be registered with 1 of our centres to complete any of our exams, centres may allow you to just sit the exam through them without attending any classes but this would be at the centres decision. This still means you would need to pay any registration fees charged by the centre, sorry.

Yours sincerely

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Dear Sir,

As an electrician I need to get qualified for the 17th

edition. My company will not pay for update courses or training - so I

am looking for the cheapest way of achieving this. My local centre in

Saltash (Cornwall) has informed me that City and Guilds will not allow

me to take just the exam without the course - and to me this seems

fundamentally wrong on the following grounds:-

1) Compliance to the regulation is purely exam based.The risk of not

doing the course and failing the exam is mine alone as compliance is

assured by passing the exam.

2) I am being forced to pay for a course that I don't want or need to

take an exam that I am legally required to have to prove my competence.

This smacks of the company store mentality - and surely can't be


Could you please confirm that City and Guilds will not allow me to take

the exam only. If you can confirm this in writing I can take it up with

my local MP. If this is not the case I can then take it up with my



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Mar 28, 2008
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Thanks DTG, love to have this sort of stuff to shoot down the pillocks who try to fob us off!I`ll let you know how this goes, with my local college!! Don`t hold your breath.
And dont tread on the cracks in the pavement..

and dont walk under ladders..

and always say please and thank you..

and always give up you seat for elderly on the bus...

and put on clean underwear before going out in case you are knocked down..


hold im welshy...

SL's gone off on a tangent again! :eek: :O:O:(:( X( ]:) ;) ; ) :^O :^O:^O:^O


Nicky Tesla

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Apr 30, 2008
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You dont have to pass the 17th at all mate, it is just a recommendation. The QS is the only one in the company that needs to show a good working knowledge of the 17th, and this CAN be done by passing the 17th exam but is only recommended.

If you are on PAYE, what ever training is required to keep you compliant, the company is obliged to give facilitate that training and that includes paying for it and the days off required to do this. I know because i am going through the exact same thing with my employer but my union rep says this is against the law.

Yes you can just take the exam without doing the course, its only