Earthing small comms cabinet for safety and double socket circuit

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Feb 8, 2022
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This is my first post as I came across one thread on this forum after reading online many articles, unfortunately my scenario is slightly different to most and I do not want to make things worse by thinking that I am improving things. So any advice regarding my double socket installation and earthing is greatly appreciated. Please note that I am not an electrician and most likely do not use correct terminology but I have multi-meter to test voltage, continuity/resistance and hopefully some common sense.
Current setup:
Main electrical fuse box -> dedicated breaker for single double socket (GE 674697 20A) -> 3 solid core 2.5mm cable (live to breaker output, neutral and earth to their bar)->double socket -> 50cm distance-> small UPS APC BACK-UPS 700 VA -> extension lead feeding off ups using C14 connector -> modem, NAS, poe network switch and cctv NVR (total power consumption ~150Watts)
After reading some articles online I understood that some ups output earth and neutral are not bonded for some functional reasons. So comms cabinet is not grounded through metal poe switch case that is mounted in it. I also noticed that I am not able to discharge myself off static by touching the case conductive parts, only when i touch Nas case or tv arial cable coming to it.
Possible solution/plan:
  • Use 3 core stranded 2.5mm cable, connect all 3 cores to earth plug pin and plugin to the same double socket (1 for ups and 1 for earth only).
  • Connect one core to the cabinet earthing point, one to rack and one to the poe switch case (that is attached to the rack).

  1. Any concerns/problems regarding my double socket circuit?
  2. Will there be an earth problems if i connect 1 core to rack and another core to switch that will be attached to this rack?
  3. Any comments/advice on the solution?

Thank you in advance,


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