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Apr 6, 2008
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Installing a new C/U the other day.

But found the earth connected to the main supply (TNS) was just a 1mm bit of wire wrapped around the sheeve.

When i called out edf the guy turned up looked at it and said "we don't have to supply an earth nowadays" and walked out.

He advised just using an earth clamp on it. Something i was always tught not to do-due to risk of crushing the cable.

Does anyone know if this is true.

I know they are not responsable for the building ,but the supply of an earth should be from them.

Not even in the country where TT may pass, but this is middle of London....



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Feb 6, 2008
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Unforunately, JC - The following quote of yours is True. :(

"we don't have to supply an earth nowadays" and walked out."

Feb 14, 2008
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Cloud Cuckoo Land
This has been discussed so much on every other forum why not have a mass debate here ?

No definitive answer has arisen.

If the Ze is acceptable that short bit of cable is 'probably' ok. Is it soldered on ?

The last 'argument' regarding no earth i had with EDF in London, i won. There head engineer gave me the long speech, as when the lecky was put in not everyone paid for an earth connection on those old TNS services, some used their water pipes. I asked him to show me the documentation to prove this property had not paid for an earth, of course he could not. I then asked him what TNS meant. After he replied i said you have proved yourself wrong, The sheath is the earth. You can not have a un-earthed TNS supply. Even if you argue that one you have to admit that it is dangerous and does not comply with the esqcr for supplies. There was a deadly silence after which he replied, ok in this instance only i will get it fixed.

As i had thought, it was the joint in the road that had broken down (or had been damaged) which had lost the earth. This install did have a 6mm equivalent cable soldered on and an old earth clip, which looked over 50 years old.



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Feb 18, 2008
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Did a rewire recently and wasnt happy with the 6mm bare earth on a tns

good ze but called them out to querry it,,told him the reading and said theres no need to worry its ok

next time if i can renew it i will