Fancy dress party.

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Mar 7, 2008
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In the office again.
Peter is invited by his works colleagues to a fancy dress party.

He wants to go, but can`t think of a costume.

As the time of the party approaches; he finally comes up with a idea.

When he knocks, one of his friends from work opens the door and looks at him amazed.

Peter is standing outside with his suit on, the same suit he`d had on in work that day!

"Peter! It`s fancy dress mate. I`m sure we told you," said his friend, dressed like a budgie.

Peter turns sideways, and his friend sees that there`s a naked girl clinging on to his back.

"I am in fancy dress," says Peter,

Wait for it.....

"I`m a snail!"

You haven`t got it yet have you (don)????????

" A snail?" asks his friend.

Here it comes....................

"Yeah. I`m a snail; and this is mi shell."


(yeah, right:^O:^ O)


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