found texts jokes on wifes refurbed phone

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Feb 18, 2008
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"Give it here"

"No it's mine"

"Let me have it"

"No it's my turn"

"You had it last"

"F*** off"

"Come on gimme it"

"No way"

Siamese twins having a w***

African boxer mongo wigchops successfully returns to the ring after loosing both legs in a landmine accident.

His pro record now stands at 10 wins without defeet.

A poem by sir Paul Mcartney:

I lay upon a grassy bank,

my hands were all a quiver,

I slowly removed her suspender belt and

her leg fell in the river.

What kind of wife can wash up with one hand, cook tea with t'other, dust with one foot while s*****g your c*** as she opens a beer with her a**






A swiss army wife

Jack & jill went up the hill so jack could lick jill's *****,

Jack got a shock & a mouth full of c*** cos jills a pre-op tranny.

Welsh man walking through a field, sees a man drinking water from a pool with his hands.

The Welsh man shouts "paid ayfed y dwr mae'r gwartheg yn cachi yn y dwr"

(dont drink the water, it's full of cow s***.)

The man shouts back "I'm French I dont understand you.... speak in english"

The Welsh man shouts back

"use both hands you'll get more in"