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phil d

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Jan 25, 2016
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Isn't it funny how you don't really miss something, or indeed someone until they are not there anymore, something can sit on a shelf in the shed for years and you never give it a second thought, then one day it disappears and suddenly you notice it isn't there any more.

It's Like Tony, we used to ring each other up every week, sometimes it was just a couple of times, other times it would be every day, especially if one of us wasn't well.Recently with all the restrictions I've taken to ringing people more to see how they are doing, the other day I had rung a couple of mates then thought, 'I will give Tony a ring' then realised he's not around any more. A couple of days later I was having one of those days, trying to work something out and just couldn't do it, I knew the answer but it wouldn't come, one of those 'blonde moments' lol. 'sod it, I'll ring Tony, he'll know' I said in a loud voice, there was only me and my dog in the house at the time, she just gave me a knowing sort of 'good luck with that' look and went back to sleep. I picked up my phone and found his number then remembered, he's not here any more.

I worked it out in the end but am really struggling at times, I guess I never realised just how good a mate he really was, still I suppose I will get used to it.


Evans Electric

Sep 15, 2008
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I've lost  some good friends   , fellow sparks , over the years and do exactly the same as you ......  they're just not there anymore .....  two good mates I had worked with  from the  1970s   at different firms then started up on our own  .   George & Pete. 

Can we leave Tony's Avatar on the Forum ?      

Years back now George was over our house  , couple of drinks ,  playing my guitar & singing  ,  I didn't know at the time , my missus switched on the cassette recorder .    So  last year I think it was  ,  it re-appeared and  I was able to  send a copy to his daughter  . 

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