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Aug 19, 2008
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my name is steve but u can call me red if u like.

i became fully qualified in 2004 got a job with a big national company upgrading and rewires (council properties). However i recently realised that i had got into the comfort zone and have become stale. i feel i have forgot most of what i learned whilst i was training. sure i can rewire a house with my eyes closed and know the do's and donts, but i cant remember why they are do and donts so i just left the company last week and have booked myself to get an ECA card and 17th edition update, i now want to shake the rust off.

i'm slightly worried about doing an update course as its only 1 day. Will i be refreshed enough on the day to pass the exam or will i have to have a good understanding of what was the 16th?

if anyone could help because im feeling i should take the full 17th course but im being told to just take the 1 day refresher? am i worrying unnecessarily? :|



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Feb 6, 2008
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Welscome to the forum Steve / Red.

You are probably worrying too much.

But there is a company (my lecturer on my 17th course - that I passed recently).

The questions that he uses are the nearest to the actual online ;) - they are worth every panny. (


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