hi all

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Sep 8, 2008
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newbie here,

searched for a forum as i need to get my technical knowledge back to its former glory embarrassed smiley

whilst having worked for an agency for the last 5 years of 20(long story) my installation skills are still tip top but not having to be an all rounder when working with agency as you tend to get the large/tedious jobs miles of trunking/tray etc (thinking/design on the go is done for you) i have forgot the nitty gritty bits that you need when out alone, really i guess i need some sort of college refresher?

just daft stuff like remembering what cable size will carry what current sadly i used to know them all of the top of my head! cleat size numbers and even what make of gland you needed to go up a size with such as 50mm 4c swa gland pack size charts state 32mm when more the case 40mm is needed as recently found out again (on a saturday with wholesalers shut lol)

anyways hi all

Mar 28, 2008
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Welcome mate - judging by the fact that you`ve arrived here, I think you`ve gotit now!
Ah!!!! but after a few weeks of seeing the absolute dross some of us type...

( mentioning no names.. but most of the night shift would qualify with gold stars!!!!!!!!! )

He may be RegrettinIT !!!!Pray] :) :eek:

Oh welcome lostit! :D :D


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