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Oct 26, 2008
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Hi there ppl just a quick bit about me,my name is daz and i`m currently in the air force but finish there in a few months due to boredom and no job satisfaction so you can probably guess i`m no fighter pilot and just the aircraft refueller,anyway before i joined the air force 9 years ago i had done 3 years hands on electrical work but no qualifications which i regret but i still feel confident on wiring a house up to a point,i am going to do a 13 day intensive course with a training company called tradeskill4u which is gonna cost me a few quid but hopefully it`ll be worth it but maybe if any of you guys know of them then you cou let me know what you think and would any1 take me on with what i`ll have when i finish it and how much would some1 with my experience or my little experience expect to be paid????All your info and help would be great thank you.

Apr 24, 2008
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Viva La Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Hia daz in my view its a question of how long you have to get yourself trained up. These short courses are all well and good but only scratch the surface when it comes to underpinning knowledge. If you do C&G 2330 at college you actually get alot more for your money, only problem is it takes 3 years on day release but its alot more worth it.

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