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Feb 14, 2008
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Guys just to clarify about 2330 I am currently coming to the end of year 2 of my 2330 done units 201/202/203/204/206 .

Started NVQ level 3 last year so dont be confused thinking you need to finnish 2330 before you can start NVQ.

You can start it at any time but you do need to be working in the game to have it signed off.

The NVQ is practical based over 2 jobs with 8 units for both mine is done online set up by my local college so i work through a unit take some photos of the job i am working on mixed with site visits by your assessor.

If your not in the trade like i wasnt then ask everyone you know if they know a sparky go to electrical wholesalers like others have suggested try local employment agencies look out for vans in your area or hunt council sparkys who do there own stuff at weekends after work etc these are the ones who are short of time but dont want to take people on full time.

The piont im making is you have to put as much effort into getting on with someone even if its for nowt as you are doing on the course or it will make it virtualliy impossible to get a start at the end.

So find somone now if your just starting or half way through the minute you do get on with someone get an NVQ 3 STARTED.

Then at the end of 2330 you have Nvq3 apply for jib exam 2 assessments of your work and youve cracked it my friends.

I hope this makes it easier to understand the road you are on.

If anyone needs any help or you have a questions on the above please feel free to ask.

Regards Darron: :^O


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