Just One of THOSE days...

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:_| Arrived at work. Mate comes over and says "Did you know that you have flat tyre on your van?" - "Oh no!" I declare. A screw had penetrated the tyre.

Took it down to the tyre centre "Cannot fix that mate it ain't worth it the tyre is almost illegal" - "Oh sod and I bet the one on the other side is as well" I say. He checks the other tyre "Yup, that's two new tyres then is it?" OK, OK.

Anyway, a while back I used my card in the ATM and there was a problem. The ATM went through the motions of giving me my cash but actually did not issue any cash. The cash draw opened and the message came up telling me to take my cash. Also my card had not been ejected, which is unusually for that machine. And so I did not get my cash (



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Feb 13, 2008
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Life, the universe and everything...

Don't you just hate it at times....




Thanks for that idea Location. I will try it NEXT time.

Actually things regarding vehicles and me have been far worse recently I also have an Audi A3 1.8T Sport and have had it from brand new in 2000 and have loved it to bits a superb car.

Anyway, it got to 62K miles and needed a new cam belt. So contacted Audi garage and they told me it will cost