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May 1, 2008
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I urgently needed a few days off work, but I knew the Boss would not allow me to take leave..

I thought that maybe if I acted 'CRAZY' then he would tell me to take a few days off.

So I hung upside down on the ceiling and made funny noises.

My co-worker asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was pretending

to be a light bulb so that the Boss would think I was 'CRAZY' and give me a few days off.

A few minutes later the Boss came into the office and asked

'What are you doing?' I told him I was a light bulb.

He said, 'You are clearly stressed out. Go home and recuperate for a

couple of days.' I jumped down and walked out of the office...

When my co-worker followed me, the Boss asked him

'...And where do you think you're going?'




He said, 'I'm going home too, I can't work in the dark.'