magic frog.

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Mar 7, 2008
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In the office again.
A rabbit is being chased through the forest by a hungry bear, when a magic frog sees them. The rabbit & the bear are the first two animals the frog has ever seen in the forest; so he stops them, and says:

" Because you are the first two animals I`ve ever seen in this wood, and because I`m a magic frog, I`m going to give you three wishes each. Mr bear, you`re larger so you can go first."

The bear thinks for a few minutes, then replies "I haven`t had a mate in a long time. Could you make me irresistable to all the female bears in these woods?"

POOF "It`s done", says the frog. Turning to the rabbit, he says "What about you?"

"I`d like a crash helmet please." says the rabbit.

The bear looks at the rabbit as though he`s crazy. Why have a crash helmet, when he could ask for a field of carrots or something.

POOF. A rabbit-sized crash helmet appears.

"What`s your second wish?" the frog asks the bear.

The bear gives it some thought. "Can you make all the bears in these woods, except me, female. I`m feeling really randy."

POOF. Before the frog can ask, the rabbit says "Can I have a motorbike?"

"Yeah, sure thing."replies the frog. POOF. A motorbike appears.

The frog turns back to the bear. "Last wish." he says.

"Well", says the bear, "you wouldn`t believe how randy I`m feeling. Can you make all the bears in the country female?"

Meanwhile, the rabbit is putting on his crash helmet.

POOF. "OK", says the frog,"that`s all your wishes done."

The rabbit gets astride his motorbike, and starts it up.

"Hang on", says the frog,"you`ve still got a wish left."

"I know", replies the rabbit, revving the bike up.

"You see the bear?" he asks the frog.

"Yes." replies the frog

"Make him gay."says the rabbit, and races off on the motorbike.



The Godfather

Mar 24, 2008
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The Don doesn't have much of a sense of humour, but accepts that Rabbits may well have a good laugh.