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Feb 14, 2008
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Evening gents

Some of you may know that i was tempted down the self employed route, but since then got a good paying job, HOWEVER i had already advertised on Got a call this week regarding work near my doorstep. The works in question is re wire. The client has a large 'lodge' and is converting it into six flats. So he has asked me to quote him, I have never been involved in such a big job.

So I went today for a look and found that two of the six had been 'rewired', some crew from Newcastle has done them. They looked ok, apart from a few small remedials. However after a good hour at the site i took a walk around the building and find 2 x 16mm SWA 3 core these were the supplies to the two that were rewired, these sub mains were just left on the top of the ground, but was told they were told to leave it as someone else was putting a trench in.

Now, this is were I started to get concerned, went to the suppliers metering and found that the supply was only a 100amp single phase TN-S supply. These 'sparks' were going to wire all six of this supply :eek: . Is it just me or does the maths not add up. ?:|

Spoke to the client and no one informed him of the supply being upgraded!!!!

What would be the best supply for him to get, six single supplies?

Would really like the challenge of this so i'm going to put in a competitive quote.


biker mike

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Feb 15, 2008
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id think so m8 , he sorts it out and pays and u dont get the headache ; \ of chasing it up ,all u got to do is win the contract GOOD LUCK...any hobbles ; \


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