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Feb 27, 2008
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Hello all

Call out to faulty light fitting in bedroom, replaced pendant job done. Customer asked for quote to replace old wylex fuse box with new consumer unit.

Bit of a strange set up house built in 70/80's Gas and Electric meters built into walls in seperate garage. Garage is approx 1.5 metres from house. In garage 60 amp mem switchfuse. 16 or 10mm tw/e cable clipped along wall down in corner out through wall under slabs and then back into house to feed fuse box.

The worrying thing is you can see the cable going under the slabs. In garage is old mem metalclad fusebox that feeds lights and sockets in garage. My thoughts to upgrade supply.

Install 80 amp switchfuse in garage also new consumer to feed garage. Run three core armoured cable to house. New consumer unit in house with RCD protection. Upgrade main earthing to 10mm to gas in garage Not sure where water comes in but assume its in house would also need upgrading to 10mm.

I have looked edf pme book but cannot find diagram diagram for this situation. Any thoughts, don't want to go down tt route for house if can help it.




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Jul 3, 2008
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Hi Batty

If you can take a picture if the incomming and post here i'm sure we can help :)