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The Snake™
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May 6, 2010
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Went to work yesterday morning early as usual.

Get a txt from Mrs Sw about an hour later, middle manky mutt, Minnie, and she's not, the black & white one is not well, whipmering all the time, won't walk, or can't walk, bodily shivering all the time.

So trip to the vet it is no messing.

She has a sit & wait at 10:40, appointment.

Vet finds nothing, 2 jabs of morphine, one quick one slow, by 18:00 last night she was running around again!

This morning, she is jumping, running etc all fine.

Follow up booked anyway, so back she goes, still tender in one leg so more painkillers, but now she does not know how to take it easy again!


Bit of a fright.

She is a real scared dog, very nearvous all the time, we are postulating that she was terrified of the pain, and was too frightned to move perhaps?

Anyway, better now, there was no way we were going to wait to see if she just got better.

After all they can't communicate with us for us to understand their ailments, so, we feel that we should do the best by them when there is something unusual showing symptoms.

We are their carers after all.

I even took a detour via the vets to see her, just in case it was something serious!

Sad or what.



Seaman stains™
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May 28, 2008
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North Wales Riviera
Glad you dog is better..

We had a similar thing this last week.... my wife took our dog to the vets regarding a skin condition that hes developed (they think that he's developed an age related allergy to something). So she gets back and we notice that one of our cats is limping terribly, so a quick phone call to the vet, box the cat up and we're back at the vets. Thankfully he hadn't broken anything, they think he'd sprained his "wrist" jumping down off something.. Anyway after a couple of days of not really moving he's back to terrorising us.



eco warrior......™
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May 7, 2008
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Sunny Plymouth
dogs are quite weird at times, I occasionally trip over Ruby dog / stand on a paw or something, and she goes into a terrified mode like I hurt her on purpose and she needs to be scared of me (she might be right :slap ) . Never did understand that behaviour.