Paddy and Murphy

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Feb 14, 2008
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2 Irish blokes working on a building, with the weather taking a turn for the worse, Paddy says to Murphy '' we need to get sacked from this job, i don't enjoy it at all!!''

Murphy replies, '' but that will go against us in the future, lets try and get sent home for ill health!!''

Ok he says leave it to me!!''

When the site forman and the big boss were in full view Paddy hangs from the 60' tall Scaffolding by his legs shoting..

''I'm a light, I'm a light''

The boss has him down immediately and says your in a bad way, please go home and call me when you feel better"!!

He then looks up at Murphy and Shouts '' get on with your work'' the fun and games are over!!

Murphy says '' No way, I can't work in the dark''