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Jul 11, 2008
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Went to a job today, 'please can you replace the two kitchen light fittings with new ones' was the original call. On arriving I was then told 'by the way one of them isn't working'. Alarm bells should have started to ring as the property owner showed me the kitchen and the two seperate individual light switches for the kitchen lights. Sure enough one of them didn't work. On inspection and test no power to the feed wire. Checked all other lights and all had power but none looked to have a loop wire leading anywhere near the u/s light. More questions for the owner turns out they had a new single storey kitchen extension about 5 yrs ago done by a builder mate of theirs. After much puzzling persuaded client to ring builder who told her light was fed from a fused spur which was.....................................................

under the floorboards of the front bedroom on the opposite side of house to the kitchen. Should have known that!!!!!!!!!!


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