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Jul 3, 2008
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Recently changed a consumer unit on a TT system, old RCD black with yellow test button (you guys know the one) installed a new earth rod and a new 17th consumer unit.

Everything ok, INS resistance ok, Ra good.

RCD tripping at first both of them, removed 1 RCD to make it easier

everything removed from system and re-tested only low ins resistance reading is immersion 2578 ohms now if you plug anything in and turn it on i.e. fridge, kettle ect it trips RCD removed as it is an occupied property and they need power. Any suggestions?

Mar 28, 2008
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is it an RCD? sounds like a voltage trip!is continuity good?

sounds like a dodgy N somewhere if it only trips on load.
I would tend to be agreeing with the there Step's

sound more like the ole Voltage Operated Earth Leakage Breaker..

(well thats what I was told they wos called.)

I always take these out and put a proper

Current Operated Earth Leakage Breaker,

(or as we so fondly prefer to call them RCD's!! )

in its place!


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