Solar PV and batterys

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Feb 4, 2021
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Hi. I have 2 battery systems connected to home ,I am fully aware of what loads each system can pull, but my question is really to find a tech solution to allow me to charge my evs on economy 7 without pulling from both separate battery's. I do not want both battery's to drain to help to charge my evs. I only want my battery's to work with normall home loads so it's less aggressive to battery's. My ev or EVs only get put on within the economy 7 times so it's from 01:30 to 08:30 . My idea as a cheap alternative was to use 13amp plugs with WiFi or SMS card so I can manually switch inverters off or system. I just wanted really to see what other ideas you all have. It's basically only used to have more control and just allow my evs to charge using cheap electricity only.

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