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Feb 18, 2008
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Remember that command vehicle in mentioned in another post?

Well here are some pics, like the heading says it has been some different kind of work to the normal stuff :eek: ; \:DGuiness Drink.

Have undertaken & completed:

(1) installed 4x 3K ups's with extra battery packs, all rack mounted (talk about heavy).

(2) Run in new ups backed circuits for extra servers & screens.

(3) Run in 18 10mtr active usb cables.

(4) Run in 18 10mtr vga cables

(5) Installed usb/vga manual switch boxes

(6) Installed a battery guard system for 1x auxillary battery

(7) Run in 30 lengths of cat6e

(8) Installed 3G unit & antenna

(9) Installed 2x printer/fax/scanners.

(10) Installed internal cctv with 3 way activation switching & wired to a recording unit.

(11) Installed remote controlling head units for ups's

(12) Loads of other geeky IT kit installed/moved.

Still gotta install led lighting around the hydraulic stabalizer legs for night time use. Got to design it so when each leg actuator is energised the led will light up, thats nextweeks peoblem though) & have to run in all cabling for 10x tough book laptops with wall mount frames. Have to move one of the external cctv dome units.

Thats some of the servers + sky unit + digital recording unit of all cameras, red outlets are ups backed circuits, the big space is taken up by a HP laser printer. Behind the panel is the cable management.....miles of cable in this thing :eek:

The breifing area, active smart boards on the screens in the back (5 screens in total). Had to get desktop trunk under the screens to install vga & usb panel outlets, manhandling them on your own is no mean feat I can tell you.

Ups backed outlets installed in roof void (for screens) & in lower cupboards (for radio battery chargers).

A view from the rear two screens. Showing through the door the working area with 6 positions in total, all screens are interactive with each other & the big rear screens.

Small screen on left is external cctv, as you can see I'm a tidy worker..... kit every where Blushing

Two of the remote head units I've installed for the ups's (got 2 more to be delivered yet), above them are the cctv controller/recorder & a PA system. To the left is the control panel (not done by me, but added to by me :D ) & the 50Kva genny remote start/stop controls.

All that is inside this

This thing is state of the art in what it can do, but cant divulge to much about its workings but pics are ok as the vehicle has been open to public viewing for a few weeks now.

Forgot to get a picture of the power locker, will do that nextweek if I remember.

Just thought it'd be something different for peeps to see, hope its not bored you.

May 7, 2008
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Sunny Plymouth
Nice job - used to get involved in stuff like this many years ago, and really miss the variety, interest and problem solving. The biggest challenge now is getting the apprentice properly trained in the art of tea making :^O :^O


Flying Scotsman

Feb 15, 2008
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that looks a seuperb install matey well done, bet you really enjoyed working on that system.