Well it's been a funny old year, and it's got me thinking about various issues/things/people that have in some way irked me

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Oct 22, 2010
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Fumagali Marta wall lights WTAF. The cretin who usually designs their gear must have been ill,and they gave the task to the office Cat

Prevalence of TV adverts where they transition from one room to another

Dominos Yodelling advert

Mac Donald's referring to their establishments as Restaurants

KFC Adverts for a bucket of reconglomerated deep fat fryer sludge and some flour.  Why does it come in a bucket? So you have somewhere to 🤢 

Inclusivity in Adverts

Greg Wallace....slaphead Penfold tribute act who's only talent seems to repeating what everyone else just said.."but S.L.O.W. L.Y.

NICK Knowles

Prince Andrew....strange how nobody ever actually knew him

the Ginger and the Whinger......you don't want publicity? Well,STF up

B and Q and their pisssh poor customer service


Gambling adverts that try to give the gullible the impression that they are looking after them

Halifax advert

Ryland Stick Insect Kneel


Panic buyers causing shortages 

Enforced 'spontaneous' charity wackery

The sudden interest in having 'background flags' on Tv

Set placement behind every TV interview of a politician at home...usually their red ministerial document case or a book they have written

Supermarkets promoting Wonky veg.....they are the [email protected] that refused to buy them in the first place

Overly sugared donuts

People who leave dog eggs on the pavement

Those two bastards that tortured that 6 year old to death......they need their cell door permanently unlocking

Angela Raynor the slack jawed local

Sajid "the hood" javid

Bleeding heart energy companies!.....you've made your profits and had your fancy holidays and villas, deal with it

Curse of Oak islands Nazi Gold Superstition Mountains Paranormal Ancient Aliens got talent on ice with the stars out of here

Lawrence Lllllllewelllllllyn Bogseat

Customers who supply their own materials despite what you tell/advise them

Gary Drayton "metal detecting expert" on Curse of Oak island...effecting an accent for the Yank market that has never been heard in this country. Expert?  FFS?....waft yer wand and listen for a noise

Gregigeorgiou Taramasalatapopolus on Ancient aliens.....he sports a taller forehead than Dec

Also the enitre cast of ancient aliens along with every other prog of that genre


Overly priced snacks at filling stations particularly on Motorways....in fact motorway service prices in general

Instant pump price increase on fuel BUT almost never a price drop

Adverts where the T&Cs are spouted at a million words per second

Salaries paid to CEos of Charities....Cancer Research £100k pa!!

Suspended ceiling fitters

💩 smearers ( plasterers) who think the job revolves around them. We ALL know it revolves around US, for we are the bringers and takers of light

Reaction videos.....some unidentifiable Yank reacting to ( usually ) a Brit video and giving their opinion! 


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