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  • hey mate my names chris . i am doing my am2 in feb. your am2 summary is top notch but i dont understand a few things.

    when u said that you may have to connect the live and neutrals into a connector block at the board. is this just so you can bring a seperate cable from the block into the rcbo?

    how do you wire the emergency light circuit .do i take a neutral from the fuse board then a live from the common. and use the fp on the outgoing side.

    on the double set of the conduit is the 250mm mark in height up from the trunking.

    i dont know much about insulation resistance tests and dont understand how you test ten times at the board. do i test from distribution board to the equipment or all ir tests done at the board.

    Hiya Mate

    Sorry to pest you again.....! AM2 is on Monday, just wanted to clear a couple of things if ok!!?:

    1) I understand the 3 phase Motor circuit is prewired? At what point on the installation do I take my supply (L1) from for the control circuit? And can this be from any phase? Also, where do I test for R1+R2, and insulation resistance to on this circuit?

    2) Regarding earthing Pyro glands and SWA glands - obviously we use the 'banjo' washers to attach our CPC onto via a crimp and bolt. Were you provided with an electric/battery drill to drill through metal accesories to attach the nut and bolt through the banjo? Or perhaps the metal accessories were pre-drilled.

    Thank you again mate, hope you can help me out. Regards, Chris.

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