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Apr 15, 2024
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AM2 Fault Finding Help

All Faults are on the same style rig as the build and are done via keyswitch.

You only have access to a basic fluke continuity meter and the 4 faults it can be are:

No Continuity (O-L showing on your meter/ no reading at all)

Short Circuit (You will get a reading on your meter across opposite conductors eg. L-E or N-E etc)

High Resistance (You will get a very high ohms reading on your meter, usually only done on the bonding on AM2 anything over 0.05ohms)

Incorrect Connection (Cables in wrong place)

The Circuits you can have faults on are:

Ring Circuit
Two way and intermediate lighting
FP Safety Circuit
Heating S Plan
TPN Socket
Motor Circuit

The Faults I got:

Breaker tripping on RCBO all the time for the ring final, it was a short between L and N at 2 of the sockets.

Breaker tripping on lighting Circuit, it was a short between L and N between 2 of the switches.

Contactor is chattering constanlty, i wasnt too sure with this one.

Engineer struggling to get continuity on bonding, this was a high resistance on the water bonding.

Data outlets not working, this was a cross connection between 5 and 7 on the meter.

Engineer struggling to get an R1 R2 reading on safety circuit, this was no continuity on the earth between the spur and DB.

I also had an S plan fault which i cant remember how it was worded but i had a short between L and N at the room stat.

Just remember to write on your sheet how you will fix this.

In most of the faults they are just looking for "Replace cables and RETEST"

Make sure to write retest or you will fail after putting the work in.
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