Need some help please with video format, codecs AVI/MPEG etc

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Jan 5, 2023
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I just got a new trail camera, its not my first, the others record to micro SD and I just copy what I want to keep up to Google photo or send to facebook forums.
This new camera seems to have a video recording format that neither facebook or Google photo will accept. I have to convert them to MPEG in VLC player before I can post them. Win 11 Media player has no problem playing them nor does VLC, but Clipchamp fails to load them.

I can get up to 50 x 1min video's a night so its a pita to keep having to convert them.

Firstly I need to know if the camera can record in a more friendly format? Its Chinese with no manufacturer support. So far I tried 4K and 1080P resolution.

Here is the VLC data from a video that fails.

The only control I have in the camera for video is 720p 1080p 2.7k & 4k.
I'm guessing the simple answer is that the camera is using a junk format that cant be altered and everything I wish to keep needs converting?

Here is a converted video data that google, clipchamp and facebook are happy with.
I have a couple of video cameras, one I can change the recording format, the other I can't change the recording format.
So I would say the format is down to the software of your camera, so in short, as you said

I'm guessing the simple answer is that the camera is using a junk format that cant be altered and everything I wish to keep needs converting?

But look on the bright side, if you have to convert it on your computer, you should be able to edit it too?
It’s a fairly common recording format these days its just the size of the file when you post them online, which is why you have to compress them to a smaller file type. There are several apps that do this VLC being one, Adobe and several others. the rendering is what takes the time.
H264 is pretty much the standard for camera nvrs at the cheaper end. I know the police have lots of issues with not being able to view footage from some of these.

Unless you could flash the cameras software your probably stuck with it.
I did today manage to get in touch with the importers and they of course said tough luck, wear it. Well they actually suggested I grabbed all the footage 40-60mins a night via wifi to my phone as it would then be in a suitable format, but I think they thought the App was perfect and didn't drop out often and you need to be within 10ft of it to even connect to it.
They of course said they will inform the factory of my problem, but I wont hold my breath for a firmware update ;)
Shame really as for a £50 camera it works quite well for my use.

Thanks all for the input, I was looking for a silver bullet, I guess I knew the result before asking.

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