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Oct 22, 2010
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Meter tails rubbing against metal edge on a BI Callendar Biscuit Tin cutout. No way am I wrestling with/cutting live/opening cutout. Sooooo. 1 phone call to E.N.W.. 59 minutes later 2 jointers were leaving site having changed the head to a plastic one, replaced wooden backboard, fitted isolator! FIFTY NINE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!
ENWL are one of the better DNO's to deal with and always have a prompt response to any issue I've called them about, although on one occassion I had to delay them attending to a problem at a local church unless they wanted to attend a funeral that was taking place that day
thought you were going to say you're arachnaphobic :D

Encountered one of those cut outs some years ago on a job in Kingsbridge, you could see live bare copper through the hole in the top
Standard 1950/60 council house spec here. Sometimes coupled with a matching attached isolator and board. Known as a biscuit tin. DNO vans carry blanking pieces for the top and sides. Very interesting watching him do it. Main tools? Hacking knife and hammer!
I had one of those tins in my old house. I changed the CU and called them out, they just put a small new cutout in the box and some paxolin sheet to cover the holes. LOL

Its probably still like that now.