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Mike Smith

Feb 11, 2024
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Hello Gang

Im just about to install my first DIY solar installation on my garage roof, I'm going for 4 x 540 Watt Panels and need a grid tied inverter.

Looking on ebay some are there for £99 but are only G83 compliant, I believe I need a G98 compliant one for my installation as its less than 16Amps

I'm not going for batteries at the moment, has anyone got any recommendations of either inverters or suppliers whom them have found to be decent and helpful.

I believe its important to keep the good guys in business


G83 is out of date by quite a few years and not acceptable for the DNO paperwork.

I have fitted quite a few Solis inverters, and not had any problems.

Just spotted this one one Fleabay


Just looked it up on the ENA database and if i'm reading it correctly it is compatible with the new standard. Would you mind confirming this for me please and that it is a grid tied inverter. Just in case

By the way, I havent got a smart meter fitted - these inverters dont require one do they ?

Many Many thanks
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Excellent many thanks Panels & Inverter on Order, one final point I was wondering:

I was going to connect my 4 x 560Watt panels up in series, the complete cable run is about 10meters.

A quick online calculation says 4 x 50v (ish) = 200v x 560 Watts = 1.5mm Cable size, using the 4mm Black Solar Cable is Plenty of an allowance for voltage drops etc, especially considering the cable is overground clipper to an external garage ?

Or is there something I'm missing ?

Thank you again

4mm is standard for solar, the panels are all 4mm as well, and the larger the cable size the more efficient it is. The system will probbaly be running at around 8amps = check data sheet, when connected in series, volts add together, amps stays the same. Max amps will be stated as Isc on the data sheet.
Not Quite 8A but still well within where we need to be.

Thank you very much Binky for your assistance.


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And the inverter arrived earlier today, got it connected to the 230v ac side and powered it up, nothing. totally dead. I am wondering if I've got a faulty unit or do these units stay powered off until it detects the minimum dc voltage from the panels. I dont have the panels installed yet, as the inverter arrived first I thought I would start there? I would have expected at least a green power LED.

I did drop the multimeter on the plug and confirmed 230v is present

TIA Mike
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Just a bit disconcerting as they essentially look dead. Was expecting at least an LED or something to say AC is present. So I take it when I'm all wired up to the solar array etc, come night time they essentially switch themselves off again. My last inverter (at the old house) used to switch off the fan and just show 0 Watts with the green LED on. This one looks like it did in the box it came in :) I even double checked the power lead twice!

Cheers Binky!

System all up and running, didnt fall off the roof :)

Ive just gone onto the National Grid website to complete the G98 form online and its saying my inverter isnt compatiable to be fast tracked.

I've just downloaded the G98.B form and must admit it looks a very simple form, basically asking for the inverter details along with my name and address and the installers name and address, which again is ME! Not sure what to put in the Accreditation/Qualification box as I dont have any or even if this is going to be an issue.

Is this the way to go with this form rather than trying to complete it online?

Thank you all for your much appreciated advice on my journey especially to Binky of whom I am especially grateful

Many Thanks Mike